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Everyone who wants to start working on their own and open their own business should learn some basic steps that will ensure the right start . Do not be afraid of a huge amount of formalities, because proper preparation, can reduce them to a minimum and make opening a one-man business happen quickly and without any problems. http://pennyashton.com has more details

Where to start?

Sole proprietorship is a legal form that is characterized by the fastest, easiest and free registration . It does not require share capital, it allows simplified bookkeeping, it gives you the chance to take advantage of various types of subsidies and concessions, such as lower social security contributions for 24 months. Before starting your own business, you should consider what form of taxation will be the most advantageous for us. This may be a PIT tax on general terms, a linear PIT, a lump sum on registered income or a tax card. The next step to start the business is choosing PKD. The abbreviation PKD means the Polish Classification of Economic Activities, and the individual codes are used in statistics, records, documentation, accounting and official registers and information systems of public administration. On the basis of the PKD code, the REGON number is also assigned in the register of national economy units. The PKD code is chosen when completing the business registration application – CEIDG-1. In order to determine the corresponding code, the website of the Central Statistical Office, where the full classification of PKD codes is available, may be helpful.

accounting Office

accounting Office


Each entrepreneur is obliged to keep accounts . In the case of a one-man business, you can take care of the accounts yourself, but without proper knowledge on this subject, it can be a difficult and time-consuming task. It is worth taking advantage of the services of a professional accounting office, whose employees will not only help when completing the first formalities, but also will keep the finances of the company at a later time. In the CEIDG application you should provide the office, which will keep the company’s financial records, but when we are not sure who we entrust this task to – we indicate that we will do it ourselves, and after establishing cooperation with the accounting office, we complete the data in the CEIDG entry .

Completing the CEIDG application


Entry to the Central Register and Information on Business Activity can be made through the company website gov.pl. This application is also a request for assigning a REGON number, sending or indicating a tax identification number (if it has not been previously given). If the person submitting the application did not have a previously assigned NIP and REGON number, it will be assigned automatically when the application is accepted. There is also a choice of the form of taxation and registration of the insurance contribution payer for ZUS. This form can also be filled in and submitted to the relevant municipal office. Entry of the company in CEIDG should appear from 1 to 3 days after submitting the application.

Social Insurance Institution and Tax Office

Social Insurance Institution and Tax Office


If the entrepreneur setting up a business had a tax identification number, it remains unchanged for sole proprietorship. If you decide to be an active VAT-tax, you should submit a VAT-R form to the Tax Office. When it is prepared, the previously selected accounting office can help. In ZUS, however, the ZUA print should be completed if business is our only source of income. If, however, we are simultaneously employed on a contract of employment, in which we earn above the minimum national salary, we also complete the ZZA printing. These forms should be submitted to any ZUS branch no later than 7 days from the date of starting the activity.

Company account and stamp

A bank account and a stamp are also very important elements that can not be forgotten when setting up a sole proprietorship. Of course, as to the possession of a stamp, there is no legal requirement , but it turns out to be convenient and useful when filling in any company documents. The stamp should contain: full name of the company along with the name of the owner, address, NIP and REGON, and optionally – telephone, e-mail, website address.

An account in a bank is an individual matter, but it is worth to read and compare offers of various types

to choose an account ideally suited to your needs. It is worth paying attention to the amount of fees related to account maintenance, transfers, withdrawals, payments, fees for obtaining a card for the account and the location of branches and ATMs of the selected bank. A convenient solution may be to set up a company account via the Internet.

To work!


Following the above guidelines, the process of starting a business can be really problem-free. Appropriate knowledge and preparation as well as possible help from experienced accountants will certainly help during the start. After getting through the first stage, you can see that the formalities involved are not so terrible. Later, there is only a focus on achieving your business goals and achieving successes !


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A Company in Retirement, Or a Business Run by A Pensioner http://www.flitzhairandbeauty.com/a-company-in-retirement-or-a-business-run-by-a-pensioner/ http://www.flitzhairandbeauty.com/a-company-in-retirement-or-a-business-run-by-a-pensioner/#respond Wed, 27 Mar 2019 07:19:12 +0000 http://www.flitzhairandbeauty.com/a-company-in-retirement-or-a-business-run-by-a-pensioner/


A retired company is a chance to earn a retirement pension, but also for development. This is a good option due to the financial security and passive income of a pensioner, but also due to tax possibilities. See echase.org for an observation

Some open the company at a young age, others after burning in a corporation. There is also a group of people who open their first activity in retirement. Louis de Funes earned fame as an actor aged 50+. Nothing stands in the way of opening and moving the company while being retired!

From this article you will learn:

  1. why is it worth to open a company in retirement,
  2. how a retired company has to Social Security,
  3. how to start a company in retirement,
  4. where to get additional funds to open the business.

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  • Best company accounts – ranking for business owners
  • 18 books that you must read before opening the company
  • Co-financing for companies – 39 tested programs

Why is it worth to open a company in retirement?

Why is it worth to open a company in retirement?

If you wear the intention of opening a company in retirement, it is probably not a new idea. It happens that people have wanted to open their own life all their life, but something has always stopped them from making the final decision. It could be a lack of sufficient resources, no time or just fear of the unknown. Why is it worth to open a company while being retired?

1. Financial security. Retirement, or permanent, monthly passive income, gives a sense of financial security. Even if the business will not generate income, you will still be financially secured. It is important to approach the opening of the business sensibly and with the head. Do not get involved in debts that can make you calm.

2. Free time. Retirement is also a lot of free time. Many people who finish their professional career feel fulfilled and lack new goals. This often causes addiction. Involvement in building a business can cause that strength and energy will return. The most demoralized man is a man without a goal. Running a company will be a new experience, and at the same time an opportunity to set new goals for yourself.

3. Financial possibilities. Young people have a problem with their own contribution. Pensioners are in a slightly better position because they usually have savings. I usually write because if someone relied only on ZUS and spent the rest of their earnings on consumption, now there is not much investment opportunities. Nevertheless, some retirees certainly have more financial capacity than young people. Using this money as a lever to expand your business can be a salvation before taking out loans.


The company is retired and ZUS


The greatest fear among pensioners is the issue of Social Security, and the question is exactly: if you open a business, ZUS will not take away your pension . This is an important topic, so let’s look at it carefully. It is a scandal to take people money that they have saved all their lives. A man should put money on his own in any place (deposits, real estate, precious metals, socks …) and then he could make a living without fear that someone will take away his life’s savings. In summary, the sooner we liquidate ZUS, the better for our children and grandchildren. Going to the heart, ZUS’s dependents depend on whether you have reached retirement age and on what title you receive money.

1. I have reached the retirement age or I am taking a pension from “uniforms”

In this situation, you have nothing to fear. If you run a company in retirement, you do not lose the right to benefits if you have exceeded the retirement age (60 years for women and 65 years for men) or you get a benefit from the so-called “uniforms”.

2. I am in early retirement (I have not reached retirement age)

The exception are people in early retirement. If the additional income of the person in early retirement exceeds 70% of the average monthly remuneration from the previous quarter announced by the Central Statistical Office, the state will reduce the retirement benefit (the average salary in the second quarter of 2018 amounted to PLN 4521.08). If, in turn, it exceeds 130% of the average monthly salary – the pension will be fully collected. 70% of the average monthly remuneration is as of today (November 2018) 3164.76 PLN, while 130% is 5877,40 PLN. What is important:

You should notify the Social Security Office that you have begun a gainful activity and declare the amount of income from which the contributions will be paid. It should be remembered that the pensioner has the right to declare – just like any other entrepreneur – the minimum possible basis for calculating social security contributions, and this is the income that ZUS will take into account.

The good news is that you do not have to pay social insurance contributions as a pensioner. If you want, you can apply for a voluntary pension and disability insurance. However, you can not apply for sickness insurance. By not joining social insurance for running a business, save a few hundred zlotys a month. However, health insurance will be necessary for you. An entrepreneur with the right to a retirement is subject to compulsory health insurance. In sum:

  • pension insurance – VOLUNTARY,
  • health insurance – OBLIGATORY,
  • sick leave – NOT SUBJECT.

How much will you pay the health contribution?

You deduct 86% of health insurance premiums from income tax. In practice, it looks like you pay a health contribution of PLN 319.94 (as of 2018) and deduct PLN 275.15 from the amount of income tax that you paid, which is 86% from PLN 319.94 . So if you have to pay 300 zlotys in income tax, you will only pay him less than 25 zlotys.

Exemption from paying health insurance

There is one more wicket. Some retirees running their own business can take advantage of the health insurance premium. Health insurance does not pay for a pensioner, whose pension does not exceed the monthly minimum wage (in 2018 it is PLN 2,100), if additionally:

  • revenues from operations will not exceed 50% of the amount of the lowest old-age pension (currently PLN 514.90, ie 50% of PLN 1,029.80) or
  • pays income tax in the form of a tax card.

However, these are marginal situations. If you want to become completely independent of ZUS, consider setting up a limited liability company. You can read more about how to set up a company and when it pays off, read this article .

How to start a company in retirement?

How to start a company in retirement?

Establishing a company (sole proprietorship) by a pensioner is carried out according to the standard procedure. An application for entry into the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity (CEIDG) should be submitted. You will do it in your Commune Office. At the same time, it is a notification to ZUS / KRUS, GUS and the head of the tax office. You can read about how to complete the CEiDG and other registration documents in a separate article . Additional documents needed to complete are:

  • ZUS ZFA printing – registration of the contribution payer,
  • ZUS ZUA printing – when you choose a voluntary pension and disability insurance,
  • ZUS ZZA printing, when you only decide on compulsory health insurance.

Settlement of income from operations in the annual PIT return

The amount on which print you settle your operating income depends on the chosen form of taxation. You have general rules for the election (18% or 32% tax depending on the amount of income received), a registered tax or a flat tax (19%). If you choose the general rules, you settle your business income in the PIT-36 annual tax return, including income from retirement benefits. Only if you choose a linear form of taxation, you will settle these revenues separately using PIT-36L. By choosing a registered lump sum, you will settle for PIT-28.

These are tax and accounting issues that your accountant will explain to you exactly. Before starting a business, it is worth signing a contract with an accounting office. I recommend that I find accountants locally or use accounting and online consultancy. TAX Care specialists are not only able to handle the accounting firm, but also advise on the choice of the best form of taxation: link .


Where to get additional funds to open the company?


The best way to calm and maintain financial liquidity is to open the company from your own resources. By supporting your life and professional experience, which you probably have large, you can choose an activity where the threshold of entry is low. This means that you do not have to spend a lot of money to start. In case you need a larger amount, you can consider several options:

1. EU subsidy – as it turns out, EU funds from Regional Operational Programs (RPO) are also foreseen for pensioners. Not all, so check the terms first. In 2018, subsidies of this type were granted by The Upper Silesian Fund in Katowice and the Bytomska Agencja Rozwoju Inwestycji. Current competitions can be found on the European Funds Portal: funduszeuropejskie.gov.pl, in Provincial Labor Offices and in the Marshal’s Office.

2. Loan – the second form of raising capital and the first one that incurs costs. You need to repay 1 credit, 2 – pay more than it takes. No less is this option for people who do not have cash and will not get subsidies. Loans have different interest rates and repayment terms. You can read more about loans in this article .

the cheapest loan

3. Crowdfunding – an interesting way to get money for opening a business is a social gathering. If you have a business idea, you can ask the community (your future clients) to support your project in exchange for certain profits. For example, by collecting funds to open a gym, you can offer a monthly subscription for paying the money. Services on which you can collect money include polakpotrafi.pl and zrzutka.pl. It’s worth taking a look and observing successful examples of rebounds.

3. Other possibilities – besides subsidies and credits, the most popular forms of obtaining money, there are also other. These include contests for the “business idea”, business angels, venture capital funds.

Practical advice for pensioners opening a company

Practical advice for pensioners opening a company

Do you already know if it is worth establishing a company as a pensioner, how to set up an activity, where to get additional funds and whether ZUS will not collect your pension. Other practical issues remain. It is worth knowing that from 2018 you can conduct so-called undeclared activities . Up to 1125 PLN of revenue per month, you can run a business without registration. This applies to activities for which you do not need to obtain licenses and permits (eg baking cakes is discontinued, because you need consent from Sanepidu). Undeclared activity is a great opportunity to test the business. You can learn about other forms of business testing by reading the article How to test the business idea .

People opening a business are trying to write a business plan. A business plan is useful not only when applying for a loan or subsidy, but also when checking whether the idea actually has a chance for success. Be sure to read an article on how to write a business plan , where you will learn about different options and additional advice when opening a business.

Remember that opening a business is worth having a bank account. It is worth opening a separate account to conduct business matters, the company account in Nest Bank is 100% free. I wish you luck in running a business and I encourage you to follow my blog!

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Business Loan and Plan for setting up a restaurant http://www.flitzhairandbeauty.com/business-loan-and-plan-for-setting-up-a-restaurant/ http://www.flitzhairandbeauty.com/business-loan-and-plan-for-setting-up-a-restaurant/#respond Tue, 05 Mar 2019 09:09:35 +0000 http://www.flitzhairandbeauty.com/business-loan-and-plan-for-setting-up-a-restaurant/

 Synthesis of the business plan

 Synthesis of the business plan

SC Gastronomica SRL. is a company whose main business is in the tertiary sector (services), respectively a restaurant. It wants to be opened in Alba-Iulia city and will offer services of high quality to those of the competing restaurants. At the restaurant’s atmosphere, one of the attractions will compete with the interior design, distinguishing itself by the special furniture and decoration. An editorial over at http://customvmail.com/credit-score-score-the-truth-about-it/

The proposed menu will be varied, including all the dishes offered by the directly competing restaurants.

Prices will be similar to those of competitors. What will distinguish the menu will be “the specialties of the house, generally specific to the French cuisine. They will contain natural ingredients and the best quality.

Customers willing to spend will be the target market and offer a prestigious image to the restaurant.

Another business-specific feature will be the service staff, which is evidenced by behavior, outfit and “label”.

All this will lead to the formation of a positive image about the company’s business, concretizing in winning a loyal, if not frequent, willing to spend to offer a differentiated service.

Attending this distinct restaurant by its atmosphere, menu and staff will give its customers the certainty of a special service.

Business description

Business description

SC Bucatarul SRL wants to be a company that through the services it will offer to change the image of the restaurants in Alba-Iulia, by the appearance of a “more different” than the others. The main purpose of the business is to succeed in attracting loyal, especially special clients, even if it takes time and high investment.

Foreigners, the “hands-on” clerk, small or large owners, bad entrepreneurs, intellectuals, or cultured people all have to form the clientele of the restaurant. This restaurant should be a select restaurant by itself, selected by what it offers through its atmosphere through its clients.

The capital required to start the business is estimated at 453,000,000 lei (launch costs, the cost of equipment, equipment, furniture and means of transport and the expected expenses to be made in the first month of the activity).

The legal form – SRL – was considered the most suitable for the following reasons:

  • limited liability of the associates;
  • the company’s share capital is distinct from that of its associates;
  • simple formulation forms;
  • reduced social capital.

The main disadvantage presented by such a legal form: a limited object of activity does not constitute an impediment to the proposed purpose.

The activity targeted by the establishment of the company is in the tertiary sector respectively services, materialized in the opening of a French restaurant and not only.

The products offered, as specified, will generally have French, but are not exclusive. We will also consider other select kitchen dishes, special in quality, aroma and flavor.

The “La Classe” restaurant, wherever possible, will be located in the center of the city. The quality, the presentation of the dishes, the service and the kindness of the staff and last but not least the location will be the trumps of this restaurant.

As a perspective, in the main cities of the country (Constanta, Bucharest, Brasov), the development of a chain of restaurants. They will have the same exterior facade, the same firm (name, type of writing, color) and interior decorations.

The menu offered will be identical in all cities, with no notable differences. Avoid culinary specialties that do not exist in the production plan of any equivalent provider located in another city. In one word, the menu will be the same for the restaurant intranet, taking into account the tastes of the consumers in each city and trying to satisfy the general requirements regardless of the area of ​​origin.

The development of a chain of restaurants is a policy that is needed to achieve medium and long-term goals (the formation of a loyal, selective, profit-making). This strategy avoids fluctuations in the overall sales level of the company, flattening the minimum and maximum levels generated by the summer periods.

Concluding, in the case of a restaurant in the city of Iasi, the maximum incomes will be recorded in the first quarter (March), II (June) and V (October) of the year; but the highest profits recorded in a restaurant in Constanta will be seen in the third quarter (July-August). This state of affairs is explained by the fluctuation of the population, namely a movement of the consumers in the summer period from the city of Iasi to the Romanian seaside, including Constanta. Analyzing the restaurants in the cities of Timisoara, Brasov, Bucharest will record the highest profit rates throughout the year, without significant fluctuations due to the increase in the western and southern areas, the most dynamic in terms of economic development.

No enlargement possibilities are seen locally and will not be pursued. In Iasi, the company will own one restaurant to ensure the exclusivity and uniqueness of the service. Another reason for this option is the relatively small size of the market segment to which the offer is addressed. They will only try to improve service, menus, new equipment, equipment (new bar annexes) if all these investments lead to higher labor productivity, lower energy consumption and high reliability, resulting in increased profits.

Market definition

Market definition

The target business customers are over 18 years of age, with a high share of those aged between 30-40 years. And the 20-30 years form an important part, but especially in the long run they are part of a long- a segment of consumers in training that can become loyal in the future.

Consumers targeted by the business are distinguished by behavior and occupation (business people, intellectuals, clerks). The quality of these potential clients is the date their financial deposits and their willingness to spend to provide a good quality service.

The motivations of buying the product-service offered by Restaurant X could be as follows:

  • Spending a pleasant evening in the company of the person / persons accompanying them;
  • Serving a good meal in a lively atmosphere;
  • Discussions / meetings between business people;
  • Offering a romantic evening to your beloved.

Concretely, the product of the business is in the sphere of services, namely public catering service, which satisfies not only vital but also moral necessities.

The points of attraction that can influence the decision of potential clients to buy the service are: the high quality of the dishes, the pleasant and friendly behavior of the staff, the cleanliness, the light and the interior design, the special atmosphere.

The culinary specialties and beverages are individualized by presentation quality. The combination of the service offered with the interior decorations, the atmosphere and the professionalism of the staff constitute a portfolio of advantages over the already existing restaurants.

The target market segment is predominantly located in the city of Iasi. The size of this segment that the business is about to concentrate on is estimated at 15% of the city’s total population.

The trends of the target market show a slight increase. It is predicted that in the next 2-3 years it will be known to have rapid growth rates, being influenced by the economic situation of the area and of Romania.

Besides the optimistic forecasts regarding the development of the target market and the number of consumers considered comfortable enough to be sure that there is an assured market, another reason for opening such a restaurant is the number and size of the competitors.

The main potential competitors are the French, Greek, Chinese and Arabic restaurants. The fact that they already exist (so they are known) have formed a certain reputation (quite good in the absence of anything else), they have a somewhat loyal clientele, there are some of the competitive advantages this business presents.

However, the lack of a stable market segment as well as the quality level of the service that has decreased with time passes into weak points that can and must be attacked by a good marketing strategy.

The business will face a very strong competitor. Even if it is not a direct competitor, the MacDonalds restaurant captures a part of its customers because it has a well-known brand name, which is relatively reasonable in relation to the quality of the products.

However, attracting these customers will not be a blow to the business. For example, during the December-January period, the X restaurant’s clientele is expected to be formed only by those consumers with large financial resources, it will not be directed to a specific, different place that does not correspond to the tastes and culinary habits.

Market share “stolen” by MacDonalds is made up of young people (up to 30 years old) and students with a higher purchasing power than the average. This “loss” is virtually unobservable, which is blunted by the natural growth rate since the beginning of the year.

The positive effect of MacDonald’s business will be to strengthen competition, and as competition stimulates competition, those who will have the most to gain are customers whose final satisfaction is actually pursued. I think the existence of a restaurant with a very high quality service (X) and a strong competitor like MacDonald will in fact lead to the “sharing” of the Iasi consumers between these two businesses. As we have already shown, MacDonald’s and X’s market segment does not coincide entirely but addresses those with higher financial strength and who have bigger tastes and demands on the products and services they buy.

Marketing strategy

Marketing strategy

Taking into account some of the aspects involved in this type of business: high-quality product-service, reduced earning in the first year of activity and other factors that can negatively influence the business flow (inflation, interest rate), careful analysis and conceiving a very effective marketing strategy and promotion of the service offered. The company’s marketing and advertising policy will focus on the uniqueness of the service provided. The management team (owners and administrators) must devise a marketing strategy that includes methods and elements specific to each stage of the restaurant’s life.

Thus, on the very day of the opening of the place will be invited public figures of the city of Bucharest, people of culture, successful business people enjoying a good reputation. Advertisements during this period will be well-targeted, tilting the market segment being pursued. This will be achieved through:

  • Business cards sent to companies, companies, or public, cultural and educational institutions;
  • Dissemination of brochures in the event of the arrival of foreign delegations or conducting scientific conferences or communications;
  • An im mediating media environment, the radio will be another way of advertising; but this procedure will only be used for short and intermittent periods;
  • Prior to launching the business, to inform potential customers of the intention to open a new restaurant with a specific and differentiated quality;

The date of the inauguration will also be carefully chosen. It is advisable to have a period favorable to such actions and where the volume of household consumption expenditures for long-term or long-term consumer goods is high. This corresponds to the first quarter of the year, end of February and early March. Thanks to the accumulation of traditional holidays (Martisor, March 8), the inauguration of the X restaurant could be received by consumers as a “gift” for these events and the novelty of the offer could be a reason to visit the place.

Regarding the message and the content of the advertisement: whether it is by mail, brochure or radio broadcast, it will focus on the idea of ​​offering a special service.

The central idea that the message has to convey is the existence of a restaurant selected by itself, highlighted mainly by the atmosphere, the interior (furniture, light), the quality of the staff (behavior, tact). the text of the message will notice the menu’s variety, its originality and its quality. Price specifications will be avoided, using fine, subtle allusions about the general dissatisfaction that there are few quality restaurants at a reasonable price.

However, the price of culinary specialties will depend on the prices of the equivalent preparations offered by the competition; in this case the price will be similar. Price differentials will appear at “house specialties”, which provide a higher price to demonstrate the superior quality of products that provide the safety of a service as a single service.

Suppliers of raw materials

Suppliers of raw materials

The main suppliers of the restaurant are in the immediate vicinity.

Supply will be done with your own means of transport to save time and financial resources.

The inventory management and control of the stocks will be carried out by the owner (s) in collaboration with the company manager.

Ensure, as far as possible, an optimal supply of raw materials and reduce inventories to a level that involves minimal maintenance and inventory costs without adversely affecting the normal course of business. To do this, use the JUST IN TIME process: the inventory arrives at the right time and in the strictly necessary quantities. The introduction of this system will apply from the very beginning of the activity in order not to require major changes in the staff, but especially the suppliers.

Another reason for applying the JUST IN TIME method is given by the nature of stocks formed largely from perishable products that have a 3 to 7 day limited warranty for meat and meat preparations, and a maximum of 24 hours for vegetables and fruits.

For some products (exotic fruits, spices) stocks may be higher. In the case of expensive alcoholic beverages (Romanian and foreign), higher stocks can be made, in order to avoid the phenomenon of increasing prices of these products around the legal and religious holidays.

Organization and management of the firm

Organization and management of the firm

The targeted organizational strategy will need to keep the organization active, dynamic and with a high level of competitive force. This strategy will aim to develop its product, or improve its service and menus. Another strategy will be to penetrate into supplying business areas, achieving upstream integration (see Perspective subchapter). At the same time, a product differentiation strategy will be attempted to be perceived as unique.

The differentiation strategy allows, by offering a product of superior quality, the possibility to practice higher prices, achieving higher profits and greater flexibility with suppliers.

The management of the company will be provided by an employee who will manage the firm and who will periodically present an activity report and will be selected in particular according to its “human” features:

  • taking responsibility;
  • high work power;
  • the pleasure of working in the field;
  • organizational skill;
  • originality in thinking;
  • sincerity and loyalty;
  • innovative spirit.

For this post, a person aged between 25 and 30 years is the most suitable, dynamic, able to rapidly assimilate knowledge and learn from mistakes; to have an open character, present the spirit and to show, why not, a pleasant look.

Professionally, it is not absolutely necessary to be a graduate of a school, specialized courses or an institution of an economic nature, but it is advisable.

As important, the second manager will be the chef of the restaurant. Experience will be her main feature, which will weigh in making the decision to be hired. He will have to be a graduate of some specialized courses and prove his skill in culinary art.

The post of economist, the third in the hierarchy pyramid, will be occupied by an experienced graduate of Economic Sciences.

The rest of the posts do not require staff with high training, but the cooks and waiters must still be graduates of a high school or of specialized courses. The proposed storage areas of about 3 m2 (refrigerated space) and 7.5 m2 (constant temperature space of 200) are considered to be sufficient for the normal operation of the restaurant.

The service will take place on an area of ​​122.5 m2, it will contain 15 meals and a maximum of 40 seats, the three waiters and a bartender succeeding, if the locality is occupied 100% to perform their duties effectively.

The production process will take place on an area of ​​36 m2, the kitchen being equipped with the following equipment: classic oven, microwave oven, kitchen robots, dishwashers, work tables, rashes, dispensers and ice cream machine.

The service and production process will be carried out by a different number of employees according to the daily schedule and the holidays.

Supply will be predicted and will be based on fluctuations and annual differences that occur in consumer preferences. In the first quarter and the fourth quarter, there is a drop in raw materials that are consistent with raw materials. Beginning with the second quarter, preparations will be based on fresh, light ingredients. In terms of value (the price of cheap menus will be most requested in July, August (minimum of cashing) and January.


The reasons are various:

  • In the warmer period, the market segment targeted by Restaurant X will shrink by leaving consumers in other parts of the country to spend holidays.
  • January is registering a decrease in sales due to the diminishing of the cash availability, which is largely due to the spending of winter holidays.

The production-service process

The production process will vary over time and will use different raw materials to make the final product. In principle, they will be of animal and vegetable origin, except for alcoholic beverages that do not require a production time, but only sales. As time goes, the production process will take 15 minutes (vegetable and fruit salads) and 1h and 45 minutes. for example. steaks). The production process will require different machines and will be done in a room of about 36 m2.

The culinary preparation process will take place in a room with a surface area of ​​122.5 m2; will have 15 meals and a maximum of 40 seats. The bar will have 7m. length and can simultaneously serve nine customers. The three waiters and a bartender will succeed when the restaurant is busy 100% to meet its responsibilities efficiently.


The business requires 18 employees, of which 3 are non-permanent. As a preparation, they will have knowledge of economics, accounting, specific to each post. Apart from the business initiators, economist (certified accountant or expert), chief chef (graduate of a school or specialized courses), the rest of the employees do not require special training; the driver will have a professional driver’s license.

The necessary staff will be identified and recruited from recruitment-placement agencies, or through low-paying advertisements. In the case of chef and waiter’s help, they will be identified by the best-educated graduates of the economical high schools.

It is necessary to emphasize that the administrator and the economist will be the first employees.

Together with these business initiators, they will be recruiting the chief chef and the chief waiter. The administrator, chef and boss will then resort to the selection of candidates for the other positions: chefs, waiters, bartenders, wardrobe.

Testing applicants will be done to measure the ability of their knowledge by demonstrating in practice the capacity to perform the tasks. In addition to the performance test, candidates will also have to fulfill their behavior, tact, appearance and physical appearance.

Candidates will undergo thorough medical examinations to check if they are fit for the job they are seeking and to ensure the protection of other employees, customers and products made within the restaurant.

Training of admitted personnel, if necessary, will be carried out by each of the “section” officers, respectively the chief chef and the chief waiter.

The duties and responsibilities of each employee will be provided in the job description as follows:

  • administrator:
    • execute the supply;
    • Receives and Receives Goods;
    • Set up with the chef-menu plan;
    • initiates the introduction of new assortments;
    • performs and conducts professional training;
    • check out everyday clothing and clothing;
    • controls daily home appliances, inventory items;
    • maintains discussions with consumers, recommends some preparations;
    • ask for their opinion on the quality of the preparations;
    • personally serves consumers in some cases.
  • chef
    • guides, supervises and controls all professional activity;
    • organizes the culinary production activity on the basis of the  culinary production plan;
    • is responsible for the quality and quantities prepared;
    • oversees the way the dishes are mounted in the serving utensils;
    • Check the staff in the production department;
    • delivers culinary preparations.
  • head-waitress
    • organizes and responds to the entire activity of the serving process;
    • Check the presence and staffing of the staff;
    • Check the cleanliness and hygiene of the serving salon;
    • check and prepare the menu with the manager and the chef;
    • Receives consumers at the entrance to the room and leads them to the table;
    • receives the order and serves the most important consumers;
    • oversees how waiters and barmen perform their service;
    • performs demonstrations of preparation, presentation and serving of different culinary specialties;
    • Operationally resolves customer complaints;
    • train the staff
  • waiter
    • perform the activity of preparing the service salon;
    • Check the salon cleaning condition;
    • perform arranging tables;
    • serve consumers.
  • bartender
    • performs customer serving operations with section-specific beverages;
    • Check the daily and value management stock;
    • is supplied with all kinds of drinks;
    • equip with all types of glasses.

Payroll policy will be based on an analysis of the factors that affect wage levels: labor demand and offer, legislation (minimum wage), fluctuation in the cost of living), company payment options, wages granted by the competition.

In order to form a positive image and preserve its prestige, the firm will adopt a high salary policy above the average salary level. The salary fund will not fluctuate depending on the profit obtained and will guarantee a basic salary corrected for inflation, the cost of living, adjusted salary regardless of the company’s income. The salary plan will also include bonuses, incentives, payments more.

Besides the salary level, the motivation of the staff will also be achieved by guaranteeing the job (5-year contracts) and in the future the pleasure to work in a brand-new restaurant.

Economic and financial situation of the firm

The total value of the business is estimated at 100,000 euros, this money totally covering the expenses involved in the launch of the business, the reserves, the costs with the possible remodeling of the spaces for the activity.

Monthly earnings are comparable to those of other businesses in the industry. In the coming years, revenues from these activities will fully cover the expenses generated by the launch of the business at the end of the second year of activity, which is expected to make real profits.

Estimated earnings for the first year amount to about € 20,000 (if no credit is contracted).


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Understand the Terms of Credit Redemption http://www.flitzhairandbeauty.com/understand-the-terms-of-credit-redemption/ http://www.flitzhairandbeauty.com/understand-the-terms-of-credit-redemption/#respond Mon, 04 Mar 2019 13:54:46 +0000 http://www.flitzhairandbeauty.com/understand-the-terms-of-credit-redemption/


As you know, the purchase of Bill Sikess concerns anyone wishing to reduce their monthly payments by consolidating their loans. Certainly, but do you master the vocabulary related to this solution? Zoom on terms that are good to understand!




It corresponds to the situation in which a person is no longer able to pay his monthly loan payments. The repurchase of Bill Sikess makes it possible to remedy this by proposing a reduced and unique monthly payment and to reduce the indebtedness to a correct rate.

Thus, the repurchase of Bill Sikess proves to be an interesting solution for the people in situation of overindebtedness wishing to find the balance.

The purchase of mortgages

The purchase of mortgages

It’s very simple: it is a redemption of Bill Sikess requiring a guarantee on the household property. A mortgage. The principle of a mortgage? In addition to buying back and consolidating your Bill Sikess, the financial institution estimates the value of the asset in question. Depending on the institution, the amount of the repurchase of Bill Sikess can be up to 90% of the value of the estimated good.

This type of redemption guarantees the bank’s agreement to release funds, often with lower interest rates. However, and because of the commitment it implies, this is a solution for which recourse to a broker is strongly recommended to guide you to the best offer.

The single monthly payment

The single monthly payment

Avoid budget asphyxiation! Thanks to the unique and reduced monthly payment, the purchasing power of the household is valued. Mechanically, the management of your budget is found facilitated by a single bank levy.

Consolidation of Bill Sikess includes all debts; delays in charges, bank overdrafts, inheritance taxes, studies, works, etc. With the repurchase of Bill Sikess, it is an average decrease of the monthly payment of almost 600 € which is observed.

The rest to live

The rest to live

As you can imagine, this is the amount available remaining per month once all expenses paid. What you need to remember: whether it is in the context of setting up a Bill Sikes or a purchase of Bill Sikess, this is a crucial criterion for the decision-making of the establishment of ready.

The rest to be lived is calculated according to the place of residence and the composition of the home, but many criteria may come into play. Indeed, the estimate may vary from one organization to another, depending on whether it takes into account account in its calculation certain social benefits or even taxes on income.

In all cases, the level of the remainder to live can only improve in the context of a repurchase of Bill Sikess given the fall of the monthly payments which results from it. Here too, using a broker is a wise solution because it will find the best offer for each situation.

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Financial Help for All Businesses. http://www.flitzhairandbeauty.com/financial-help-for-all-businesses/ http://www.flitzhairandbeauty.com/financial-help-for-all-businesses/#respond Mon, 18 Feb 2019 07:25:03 +0000 http://www.flitzhairandbeauty.com/financial-help-for-all-businesses/


The SMEO company from the very beginning of its existence guarantees entrepreneurs quick access to capital through immediate financing of revenue invoices. The offer is addressed to small and medium enterprises and to freelancers. Last year, the company became a forerunner in the field of factoring for startups in Poland. This year, SMEO does not slow down the pace and launches a new project – financing for limited liability companies with a one-man representation. More exposition at http://elevagemettey.com

Micro-enterprises and small companies, by CSO information from 2017, account for nearly 89% of all enterprises in Poland. Modern fintech, which is SMEO meets the market demand and develops an offer not only for sole proprietorships, but also for small companies. They account for over 10% of all enterprises in Poland.

“About 40 percent of questions about the offer from potential new customers came from companies. Until now we had to send them back with a receipt “- says Michał Pawlik, SMEO president.

What exactly is factoring?

It is a service that significantly improves the functioning of business and ensures financial liquidity. Probably many entrepreneurs met with delay from the contractor regarding the payment of the invoice. In a situation where an entrepreneur can not wait for payment and needs money immediately – factoring comes in handy. This is a method of “frostbite” waiting on the invoice issued. The entrepreneur sends a scan or a picture of an unpaid invoice to SMEO, after which within 15 minutes he receives the money due to his account. The transferred amount is reduced by a commission. It is calculated only for the period of financing of this specific invoice (the number of days is counted from transferring money to the account until the date of payment of the invoice).

Factoring for the company – regardless of its size

From December 2018, thanks to SMEO, startups and newly established companies may use the factoring option. This service is available to them from the first issued invoice.

“We want to help young people develop their businesses. Until now, SMEO made it possible to pay invoices to companies that existed for at least six months. For the last 10 months, however, we have acquired a great deal of experience in recognizing the expectations of small Polish companies. And what is important, we have been constantly developing our technology, especially self-learning anti-fraud systems. Thanks to this, we are now able to help companies immediately after opening their operations. “- translator Michał Pawlik.

In the case of companies, confirmation of at least half-year activity will be necessary. Here, there is still a greater risk of fraud, and this is confirmed by a large number of high-profile cases related to extortion of loans or VAT. SMEO owners ensure that they are perfectly prepared to verify each entity. The company uses its proprietary anti-fraud system, using, among others, data from social media and other sources. As a result, the company is able to detect and eliminate most attempts of any fraud.




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Business Plan Model for Setting up http://www.flitzhairandbeauty.com/business-plan-model-for-setting-up/ http://www.flitzhairandbeauty.com/business-plan-model-for-setting-up/#respond Fri, 01 Feb 2019 09:04:04 +0000 http://www.flitzhairandbeauty.com/business-plan-model-for-setting-up/


 Synthesis of the business plan

 Synthesis of the business plan


The main activity of the company is “offering the best quality services in the field of agritourism so that it will lead the market in the area. »This involves: hosting tourists for a certain period of time, full board (3 meals a day) or half board (2 meals a day) and additional services.

Some mini-objectives include: popularizing the area, highlighting the richness and traditions of the village, increasing the level of education and culture among the eight-person inhabitants.

The building already exists, but is not designed for such an activity and the investment will be aimed at its development according to the standards in force.

Depending on the characteristics of the construction, the quality of the facilities and services offered, the rural tourism pension should be classified and given a number of daisies. The classification has as a priority the protection of tourists, being a codified form of presentation of the level of comfort and the quality of services offered. Classification is done by the Ministry of Tourism.

Business description

Business description

The basic product is the accommodation conditions, which are at the highest level for this type of tourism. The rooms are equipped with carefully finished wooden furniture, internet, TV, private bathroom, hot water. This product includes services provided by local guides that provide traditional means of transport. At the same time they will guide tourists in hiking or visiting the area, they will take care of the tourists (fire, pottery, pottery, hunting, fishing etc.)

As additional services we can offer the following:
Useful Services:
– postal services, telecommunication, internet and advertising;
Comfort services:
– rentals (radio sets, refrigerators, TVs, extra beds, etc.).

Recreational Services:
– sports services (renting bikes, canoeing and boats, organizing trips, setting out areas for outdoor sports practicing: gymnastics, bedminton, volleyball, football, minigolf, etc.);
– hiking and outdoor activities
– various other services (swimming pool, sauna, fitness room, massage, etc.).

Market definition

Market definition


Although domestic and international tourism in Romania shows a strong downward trend (mainly due to the decrease in the purchasing power of the population, on the one hand, and the decrease of the interest of the foreign visitors, on the other), the rural tourism has taken a very large in Romania after 1990 and especially in recent years.

This situation is largely due to the involution of the classic hotel system, the moral wear and tear of equipment and equipment, high prices and improper services. As a result, agritourism emerged as a viable alternative to which more and more tourists have gone.

On the territory of the country there is a great variety of accommodation, starting with small ones (for 2-3 persons) up to those that can accommodate over 100 people. Most of the rural tourism units offer a package of services – accommodation and meals, the latter in the form of half board or full board.

In larger or smaller proportions, some hostels also offer a range of additional services: telephone, TV, bath or shower, washing machine, sports ground, rental of sports equipment, etc.
These hostels stretch, with small exceptions, across the country, with a higher or lower density depending on the beauty of the area, the conditions, the financial possibilities and the involvement of central and local authorities in the area development.


Rural tourism addresses both Romanian and foreign clients.

The most appealing segment of this type of service is that of second-age and, to a lesser extent, third-age people. They prefer the silence of such guesthouses, instead of the noise and agitation of the busy resorts on the seashore or the Prahova Valley, for example. Young people should not be neglected, but their share is lower, precisely because of their preference for the sea or the mountain, for the agitated places.

Foreign tourists who are most interested in agritourism are those interested in knowing the history and traditions of Romania by visiting some picturesque areas of a special beauty that preserve ancient customs related to: the architecture of the houses, the harbor, the traditional crafts, the gastronomic specialties.

From the financial point of view, those who use these services fall within the category of medium and small mediums, taking into account that rural tourism requires less money than accommodation in the hotel system. The category of high-income tourists who prefer agritourism out of curiosity or leisure should not be totally excluded.

This plan is addressed to second-and third-year clients, both Romanians and foreigners. Types of people with regular income, but as mentioned before do not exclude people with increased venturi, the quality of services maintaining the highest standards for the type of business and the geographical area, regardless of the customers.

As you can see, most counties with tourism potential are well represented in this chapter. However, there are enough untapped resources, given the huge possibilities Romania offers through the variety of relief and the picturesque nature. This does not mean that the above areas are untouchable, only that the opening of a new rural tourism unit in the respective regions is more difficult, requiring services of impeccable quality, as well as prices that can overcome the particularly strong competition.

Faced with direct competition with units of the same profile, indirect competition with other forms of tourism in the geographical area should also be considered, which may lead to the increase or decrease of the rural tourism market share.

Last year, there was an extensive process of privatization of tourist units, among which the private ownership of many seaside hotels.

These have been acquired by private firms or business people who will start as soon as large investment programs. Depending on the effects of all these recent events, the strengths in tourism can change one way or the other.


Marketing plan

Marketing plan


An important method of promoting rural tourism is the quality of the services offered, which is the satisfaction of tourists, which can turn them into loyal customers.

Moreover, they can recommend the guesthouse to which they felt good to other people and, through this verbal advert, the occupancy rate can increase considerably.

Of course, the existence of an Internet site that draws attention to the existence of the pension and to popularize its offer is always welcome. Less efficient is proving costly promotion (written press, radio, TV), which often does not justify the very high costs through efficiency gains. Exceptions are made by journals or shows about travel, tourism, etc.

The advertising methods used will be: registration on tourism sites and portals in Romania, building a site, advertising appearances in the local publications, as well as national magazines and publications, especially those with tourist specifics.

Another classical advertising method for a boarding house would be where one employee of the pension will go to the station and advertise so as to guide the tourists to the hostel; will ensure their transport from the station to the hostel.

Advertisements will also be used by travel agencies, which can provide advertising.

Upon arrival, customers will receive a dossier with all the information about the hostel, the map of the area, the entertainment program that will be spoiled in the guesthouse and where they can take part. Discounts will be provided for children and loyal customers.

On departure, tourists will receive a souvenir from the guest house.

Accommodation sheets have a heading for the email address, so new offers will be sent to the email addresses of the clients.

Organization and management of the firm

Organization and management of the firm


For the proper functioning of the pension the necessary staff consists of:

  • a manager
  • a chef
  • a chef’s help
  • a housekeeper
  • a guide for hiking, pottery, etc.

The management will be executed by the company’s manager, who is also the only associate graduate of the Faculty of Business and of the Faculty of General Economics.

In front of state, third party and judicial authorities, the company is represented by the employee as a collaborator because it has all the skills necessary to act on behalf of the company. At the same time, he can act to authorize acts and management operations and any acts of disposition. The manager opens accounts in lei and foreign currency and can use the financial funds of the company.


The space for the tourist board consists of:
– a building with rooms for rent, consisting of eight bedrooms with two beds, eight bathrooms with shower and toilet, a living room used as a dining room and a kitchen;
– a building composed of two bedrooms for the patron’s family, a bathroom, a laundry room and a room to be used to store food supplies;
– a land used for growing vegetables;
– parking for eight cars.

Each bedroom has an area of ​​14 square meters (double rooms). Access to the bedrooms and bathrooms is direct, without going through other rooms.

The guesthouse must be provided with the utilities imposed by the tourism norms, namely electric lighting, natural lighting, local heating, sewerage network and running water.

The front plan focuses on a boarding house with eight rooms. For four of them, investments will be made to purchase adequate furniture, to equip the toilet rooms with modern sanitary facilities and to equip the kitchen with all necessary equipment.

We believe that the other four bedrooms are already properly equipped.

Also, the pension is provided with telephone, fax and internet, which will be made available to tourists.

Meals will be served 3 times a day for those who have chosen a meal, and for those with half board, the meal will be served twice a day. The meals are: breakfast 08.00 – 10.00, lunch 13.00 – 15.00, dinner: 18.00 – 20.00 with the possibility of adaptation depending on the duration of the hiking or the programs taking place within the pension or in the area. The menu will be chosen by the tourists when the reservation is made. They will choose from the list of menus the dishes.


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Business Plan Model for Real Estate Agency http://www.flitzhairandbeauty.com/business-plan-model-for-real-estate-agency/ http://www.flitzhairandbeauty.com/business-plan-model-for-real-estate-agency/#respond Mon, 28 Jan 2019 09:15:19 +0000 http://www.flitzhairandbeauty.com/business-plan-model-for-real-estate-agency/


This company aims at facilitating and intermediating large transactions of luxury land and real estate. see wendyfoundation.org for more notes

Our mission is to create an attractive and efficient environment for real estate investors.

From a very rich database, we offer our clients high-end real estate. Our company will deal exclusively with large and luxury real estate transactions. We aspire to gain a reputation on the market as a fair and efficient intermediary. We can achieve this by clear understanding of market trends and needs and adaptability to market demands.

To achieve our goal, our company needs capital, managerial talent, and adequate advertising.

Our goal is to become leaders in the luxury real estate market and to create a brand that will lead to expansion in other cities

Business description

Business description

In the big cities, the real estate market is extremely well represented, although it is a relatively young one, its beginnings dating back to 1994 -1995.

Currently, there are two main categories of operators on the market:

  • well-known companies (a relatively small number) – representing either branches of foreign or local companies – with annual turnover of hundreds of thousands of dollars, covering a significant segment of clients (especially from the business environment – multinational companies);
  • medium / small firms / agencies (a very large number), who are disputing their remaining market share – especially aimed at a “neighborhood” market.

Within our company, each agent will fill in the database with the requests and offers extracted from the software, then combine the demand with the offer. The agents will go to the field and watch the offers, take pictures, find out all the details regarding the building and prepare the file for each building.

The file of each building includes: the type of building, the area, the detailed description, the pictures of the building, the drafts, information about the property acts. The agent will wear appropriate clothing to give him the strength, protect the interests of both clients, taking into account the legal provisions in the field, harmonize the interests of both clients in order to conclude the business. The conclusion of the pre-contract or of the sale-purchase contract will be made by the notary in the presence of the agent. In the case of lease agreements, the agent accompanies the client to the Financial Administration for registration. Each customer will sign the viewing contract that provides for the loyalty of the client for the real estate you are viewing and the commission.

Market definition

Market definition

The determinants of our service are the extremely rich database and our highly competent and serious agents. Our service is unique in that it focuses exclusively on luxury buildings and we have an advantage on the market because loans are not an impediment to our clients and the promise of our services.

Description of products and services

Description of products and services

Pac Imobil makes offers to potential customers and deals with all details of the transaction.

There are other companies on the market that can offer similar services, but we are able to differentiate ourselves on the market because we focus exclusively on luxury buildings.

Our service is unique because it focuses exclusively on the luxury market and we have an advantage on the market due to our clientele and our promptness.


Marketing plan

Depending on size and reputation, real estate agencies are targeting different customer segments:

  • The big ones share a market where the main clients are: multinational firms, banks or very high incomes. This market has been on the rise since 2000 due to increased investment in the economy.
  • The medium and small struggle for a better share in the market segment represented by small and medium-sized firms and individuals. This market has an oscillating evolution, depending on the area, and forecasts for the future foresee an upward trend in demand, especially in the context of the development of supermarket chains, malls and hypermarkets, which attract a special frenzy of the real estate market.


A newly established real estate agency does not have the opportunity to compete with the big forces in the field, on large-scale projects. This is why competitors will be small businesses targeting the customer segment described above.

To succeed in a new business on this market, we need to consider issues related to the diversification of supply over competition – that’s why relatively small size companies have begun to offer integrated products (from the real estate transaction itself to the assistance needed to complete all the documents related to a transaction).

The small size firm is able to provide assistance in all stages of a transaction (Financial Administration, Cadastre, Notary, etc.), so its chances to gain ground in front of the competition increase.

The large real estate companies offer besides these facilities many other services, including: feasibility studies, topo surveys, technical expertise, real estate consultancy, construction and interior design.


The promotion of real estate services consists mainly of ads placed in central / local newspapers, magazines or brochures addressed to businessmen (such as those distributed free of charge in airports or hotels), other press appearances.

In many cases, however, in Romania, the “advertising” in the sphere of real estate intermediation – especially in the case of relatively small agencies – is limited to “flyers” spread in post boxes, poles or billboards. Such promotion has the advantage that it is very cheap, but on the other hand it has a limited effect and often creates a certain reluctance among many “recipients”.

Organization and management of the firm

The company’s headquarters is represented by a 4-room apartment, one of which is for the manager, two rooms are used for the agents to process the data, and a third room is for the discussions with the clients. The building also features a bathroom and two hallways. The company headquarters has access to water and sanitation, district heating, electricity and the Internet.

In order to work under the best conditions, the company needs 5 computers as follows: one placed in the director’s office and the other 4 for the employees. Other necessary products are office supplies, a fixed telephone, fax, printer and mobile phones.


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